Autism Forward has created a network of employers, autistic employees and professionals who meet regularly to discuss and implement initiatives to improve opportunities and inclusion for autistic people. By sharing best practice, we can drive change forward more effectively and ensure that neurodiversity is included in the broader diversity agenda.

Our network includes a wide range of employers including law firms, accountancy firms, management consultants, banks, investment banks, technology companies, telecoms companies, insurers, asset management firms, universities and other autism charities.

Notes from our previous roundtable events can be found here:


Enna is a specialist recruitment agency who focus on supporting talented neurodivergent individuals find meaningful employment. They work with inclusive employers to help them attract, recruit, and integrate neurodivergent individuals.  For more information, please visit: or contact Enna via email

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has produced a guide for HR professionals and leaders across functions who want to learn more about neurodiversity, the benefits for their organisation, and how they can support neurodivergent people to be comfortable and successful at work:

CIPD Report on Neurodiversity at Work

Contact to find out more about Autism Forward’s upcoming employer events which are free to attend and will help your organisation develop workplaces where autistic people can thrive and different ways of thinking are valued.