All applications for grants must be made through a specialist mentor who has been approved by the trustees of AUTISM FORWARD. We do not accept direct applications.

Once the specialist mentor has confirmed that they can offer appropriate specialist mentoring to the applicant, the mentor will ask the applicant to fill in a grant application form.

The grant application form will be sent by the mentor to the trustees of AUTISM FORWARD for approval.

If sufficient funds are available at the time the grant application is received, the Trustees will consider the application and confirm to the mentor whether a grant can be made to the applicant.

All decisions of the Trustees are made in accordance with the GRANT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA and otherwise in their absolute discretion

Grants are only made for the funding of appropriate support by an approved specialist mentor. All grant payments are made directly to the mentor.

Applicants who meet the GRANT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA but are not awarded a grant due to insufficient funds being available will be placed on our waiting list and will be contacted by the mentor if funds become available in the future.



Grant eligibility criteria

Applicants must be aged 18 or over and provide written evidence of their diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition, or written evidence that they are actively seeking such a diagnosis.

Applicants must provide evidence that they are legally entitled to live and work in England and Wales and, if requested by the trustees, evidence of financial need. Priority will be given to Applicants who have not had any previous employment related mentoring and do not have other means available to pay for such mentoring.

Grants are only made for the funding of appropriate support by a specialist mentor who is on our LIST OF MENTORS or has been approved by AUTISM FORWARD. The main aim of such support must be to improve the social inclusion of the Applicant and to help them prepare for, find and maintain paid or voluntary employment.

Applicants must have had an initial consultation with a specialist mentor who has confirmed that they can offer appropriate support to the applicant. The mentor must also be approved by the trustees of AUTISM FORWARD if they are not already on the LIST OF MENTORS.

The maximum initial grant amount awarded to any applicant is £1,800. If funds are available, an applicant can apply for an extension of their grant.  Any extension will determined by the trustees in their absolute discretion, taking into account the circumstances of the applicant at that time. There is no guarantee that a previous successful application for funding will result in a subsequent grant extension.

Apply for a grant

When you contact a mentor on our  LIST OF MENTORS they will advise whether a grant application can be made at time of your initial consultation with them.